Conscious of the global tobacco epidemic's massive toll of death, sickness and misery, and mindful of the need to raise the profile of its tobacco control work, THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) formed its TOBACCO FREE INITIATIVE (TFI). Through this INITIATIVE World No tobacco day was created.

Goals of WNTD 2016 campaign

World No Tobacco Day 2016 aims to:

  • Highlight the role of plain packaging as part of a comprehensive, multisectoral approach to tobacco control.
  • Facilitate policy development by Member States and the globalization of plain packaging by providing informative, compelling and persuasive information.
  • Encourage Member States to strengthen packaging and labelling measures and restrictions on advertising, promotion and sponsorship as they work towards plain packaging in a step-wise approach.
  • Support Member States and civil society against tobacco industry interference in political processes leading to adoption of plain packaging laws.