Big Tobacco has known the power of the media for decades and has a long history with the entertainment industry. The tobacco industry uses tobacco imagery and brand identification on screen to both normalize and glamorize tobacco use.

Teens consume more media than ever, watching an average of almost 11 hours of media in any given day. The media youth consume is often completely unregulated, giving the tobacco industry direct access to teens’ daily lives.


Infographic courtesy of CDC Smoking and Tobacco Use- Smoking in the Movie


Reality Check aims to expose the tobacco industry and de-normalize and de-glamorize tobacco use on screen.

How We Speak Out

  • Reality Check youth hold events at movie theaters to highlight the influence that smoking in movies has on youth
  • YouTube flagging project gets youth involved in having videos of underage youth promoting smoking removed from YouTube
  • Write letters to editors
  • Hold press events
  • Meet with elected officials. 

To learn more about Reality Check’s work with smoke-free media, check out our Smoke Free Media Guide developed in 2012 by Reality Check Coordinators.

SFM Guide – downloadable PDF