• Tobacco companies spent $10.49 billion on advertising in 2008. 94% of it was spent on advertising in stores.
  • Tobacco companies spend more on marketing in stores than junk food, soda and alcohol companies combined.
  • In New York State, the tobacco industry spends approximately $1.1 million per day to market its products

Youth Exposure

  • There is one licensed tobacco retailer for every 194 children in New York State
  • 70% of youth shop at a convenience store at least once a week.
  • 92% of convenience stores contain at least one tobacco branded marketing item, such as an advertisement or display.
  • Almost every licensed tobacco retailer displays product advertising, with an average of 18 ads per store

The Power of POS Marketing

  • Exposure to cigarette advertising causes non-smoking adolescents to initiate smoking and to move toward regular smoking.
  • Even brief exposure to tobacco advertising influences adolescents’ intentions to smoke.
  • Young people are more likely to be influenced by cigarette advertising than by peer or parental smoking.
  • The more tobacco retailers there are near schools, the more likely children are to smoke.