Reality Check of Broome and Tioga Counties

RC youth 1.jpg

Tobacco Free Broom and Tioga Reality Check youth held a peer education event at Owego Free Academy on Friday January 11th, 2019.  We tabled the girls JV and Varsity basketball games and had a Plinko game with vaping and e-cigarette trivia questions that educated youth, school administration, teachers, and parents. 

We also had an activity on the flavors of e-cigs and vapes and how companies market toward youth.  We set out the following items: cotton candy, mint leaves, crème brule, fruity pebbles, tobacco, cinnamon bun, sour patch kids and a mango. We asked teens to come up and vote the item that was most appealing to them.  We were able to tie in education about Point of Sale , flavors, marketing, tobacco 21, and Reality Check.

Please check us out if you are in the area and want to know more about Reality Check!