REALITY CHECK (RC), the youth action component of the New York State Bureau of Tobacco Control Program, has been in existence since 2001. For the past eighteen years, youth from all over New York have worked hard to educate their peers, parents, legislators, community members and key decision makers on the tobacco industry’s manipulative marketing practices and how they target youth to become replacement smokers.

The teens of RC have worked on numerous initiatives over the years. RC was instrumental in getting tobacco ads out of certain magazines that are sent to schools and read by youth. Reality Check is currently working with national leaders and other states to get smoking out of youth rated films. Currently, Reality Check is also working to eliminate the influence the industry has in retail stores. Reality Check members have also had great success in working with parks and other outdoor spaces, getting them to adopt policies to become smoke-free. To learn more about the initiatives, visit our 'Knowledge is Power' tab.

Over the years Reality Check has been the lead voice at countless press events, meetings with legislators, town hall meetings, city council meetings, school board meetings and numerous parent group meetings. The teens have attended and participated in national conferences, held rallies all over the state and neighboring states, and some have even had the unique opportunity to travel abroad.