"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Edward Everett Hale

Reality Check Youth Summit 2018


Good Vibes!

Each year Reality Check youth from across the state gather to learn, plan, and bond at State Summit. This year our Keynote Speaker, Tom Bull, spoke about the power of positive thinking and The Engaging Educator led students through improv based games that helped teach skills like thinking on your feet and speaking techniques. Summit ended with a bang when the Reality Check leaders worked with Pinckney Hugo Group to pull of an anti-tobacco rally right in the streets of Cazenovia, NY. Almost 200 teens and adults working together plan for a healthier state makes this an incredibly impactful event!

Reality Check youth summit is a wrap! Lets take a look at what Reality Check youth had to say about their experience this year.

Amber- “Youth Summit means to me gaining more experience and more resources in order to go back into my community and work really hard to make an impact.”

Savannah- “My favorite part about summit was meeting new people who have some of the same passions as me and are trying to make a difference in their communities.”

Gio- “In New York State, the average age of a new smoker is just 13, so we still have a lot of work to do. After coming to Youth Summit, I know we have the power to make our vision of a tobacco-free generation a reality,” 

Benjamin- “The thing I liked most about youth summit was the atmosphere. Seeing everyone excited and brought together to fight for a common cause was amazing."

Madeline-  “What I liked about Youth Summit the most is that everyone came together and learned from each other new ways.   Specifically,  I loved learning about guerrilla marketing."

Miranda-  "I loved all of the bonding that we did together it really helped us break out of our shells and communicate better with the public."

2018 Youth Summit Photos